Monday, October 31, 2011

The White Lady

Happy Halloween, everybody! Here's something spooky for you! 
White Ladies (AKA Women in White, and many other names) are a type of female spirit talked about in various cultures worldwide. White Ladies often haunt dark, lonely highways and try to hitch rides with single men. Some cultures say that they are the ghosts of women betrayed by their husbands, while others say that they are the ghosts of women whose children were murdered, or who murdered their children themselves. The loss of lover and/or children is what keeps her tied to our world, and every night she searches for these lost loved ones. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello There, Autumn!

This is how I amuse myself while waiting outside my metro stop.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ten Paces Prints on Society 6

Howdy-do? I've been meaning to blog about these pieces I did for Ten Paces and Draw for a while. In reverse chronological order:

A portrait of classical composer Antonio Vivaldi for the "musician portraits" theme (based on a sketch by Francesca Buchko)....

...The Roots lyrics for the "hand letters" theme 
(based on a sketch by Rachel Dougherty)....

...And a ghost story for the "summer camp" theme (based on a sketch by Jimmy Malone).

ALSO, Ten Paces now has an online shop at Society 6! There's lot's of great stuff on there, including two illustrations I'm affiliated with: the piece below and the piece my pal Nick did based on my escaped zoo animal sketch

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Nets, CMYK, and a Blog Feature

Agh! So much to tell/show you guys!

First off, some new work!

I was commissioned by MICA's Career Development office to do a series of six posters promoting their new website. Each poster is in a vintage flash card style and features a word ending in "net" with a corresponding illustration. The first four posters were posted around campus anonymously over the first couple of weeks of school, then the last two went up with all of the site's information.

I was over at MICA the other day and ran into one of the final posters. I love how they've presented it! 

Big thanks to Marsha and Megan at MICA! 

ALSO, I should mention that CMYK Magazine picked me to be in their Top New Creatives #51 issue, which should be on newsstands around the middle of this month! Super exciting! I'll let you know when I get a copy. 

ALSO, my work was featured on the blog ImagineThat with a nice write-up!

Okay, I still have a bunch more stuff to show you but it's going to have to wait. Until next time....