Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ten Paces and Celine's Gift

I am super excited to have a piece this week on Ten Paces and Draw, an excellent collaborative illustration blog. Each week collaborators make a sketch based on a theme, then the sketches are switched up and everyone ends up taking someone else's piece to completion. I created the piece below based on a sketch by the amazingly talented Alyssa Nassner, who co-created Ten Paces with the also amazing Rachel Dougherty. Please visit the blog to see Alyssa's original sketch!

I had so much fun with this piece! I'd been feeling like my recent work was getting a little too muted so I forced myself to use opera pink on full blast and I'm happy with the result!

Also, make sure to check out my superstar school chum Nick Iluzada's interpretation of my zoo animal getaway car sketch, below. It's so weird seeing someone else make work based on my ideas, but it's fun! I love how he added "peace sign out suckus" and has the lion flippin' the bird!

Zoo Getaway

PS: I had a birthday back in June and the supremely skilled Celine Loup made an awesome painting of me for the occasion. I am seriously honored to have been rendered by her masterful hands (and seriously sorry for not sharing this with you guys sooner)!
I look so classy! I'd really love to wear a dress like that. Big thanks to Celine!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cilantro Margarita

Another Brokeass Gourmet illustration for City Paper! This time a cilantro-honey margarita.

Cilantro Margarita color

Cilantro Margarita print

For more Brokeass recipes, check out Brokeass Gourmet!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Potted Plants

Potted Plant

A little painting I did on a card for my dad, whose birthday was yesterday (in addition to westerns, he's really into gardening). I scanned this before adding "Happy Birthday" because I was afraid that the lettering would be rushed and not my best. It turned out okay but I still prefer it this way.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Coconut Ice Cream Noms

Coconut Ice Cream

I did another illustration for the Broke Ass Gourmet column in City Paper! Pick up a copy around Baltimore THIS WEEK! For more of Gabi Moskowitz's Broke Ass recipes go here.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Broke Ass Gourmet

I'm on page 22 of this week's City Paper! I was asked to do a recipe illustration for a cheap but tasty prosciutto, peach, and mozzarella salad.

Broke Ass Gourmet

This colored spot appears on the website:

Broke Ass Gourmet spot

And here's a close up of the ingredients:

Broke Ass Gourmet ingredients

Big thanks to Joe at City Paper! If you're in Baltimore and want to see the recipe in print be sure to pick up a copy of City Paper before Wednesday!