Monday, June 22, 2009


I spend way too much time finding AMAZING things on the internetz. Here is one of them:

We Have Lasers!!!!!!

A totally awesome site featuring 1980s and 90s era laser photos. What's a laser photo? something like this:
I love the crazy retro-futuristic backgrounds mixed with all of the wonderful 80s-90s kids fashion and redonkulous hair. Note the HUGE ribbon hair barrette, embroidered teal t-shirt, and strange mullet bangs on the girl above.

These kids are just too cool! How BA is this next little girl?! Wearing white tights and a pink turtleneck/ sea foam green sweater combo in the middle of a lightning storm in the Matrix!?

These two go a step further by adding text and props!

I sure do wish I could go on a "voyage to the stars"! And isn't that second girl adorable? If I had been a teenager in '91 I would so want to be her! I love that dress and she's one of the few people out there who can pull off those kind of glasses without looking like a prat.

Now this one is such a little hipster:

Super cool!



Buddy Holly glasses? Check.

Fuzzy assymetrical haircut which probably wasn't assymetrical on purpose? Check.

FANSHMASTIC sequin sweater Leslie Hall (and I!) would surely envy? CheckCheckSuperCheck.

GUITAR? Oh hells yes CheckCheckCheck!!11!!!!!!!111!!!!1

All of these elements combine to make the BEST SCHOOL PICTURE EVER!!!

I really wish I could submit my own awesome laser picture to the site but, sadly, I don't have any :(. I actually don't think I have any school photos after about 1st grade. I have some proofs hanging around and I'm in my high school yearbook but I could never get my parents to buy the fancy backgrounds (since we usually didn't buy the photo at all) and in most of my earlier photos I had to wear a uniform (my first nine years of education were spent in Catholic school).


Oh well.

If any of you guys have laser photos you should definitely submit them to We Have Lasers!!!!!!!! and give me a link! I'd love to see you there!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Oscars 2009

Here are four more pieces I did for Daniel Krall's Illustration 2 class. Our assignment was to pick from this year's top 6 Oscar winners and illustrate them in a strange 8x3 format, with an extra inch above and below left free for text (which I opted to overlap into). I knew a lot of my classmates would end up creating a scene that looked like a movie still due to the format, and I wanted to avoid that. I also wanted to avoid any kind of cartooning because it isn't exactly my forte at the moment and getting a good likeness was essential.

Slumdog Millionaire - Best Picture

At the time the only 2009 Oscar winner I'd seen was The Dark Knight, which I loved. When I thought on Heath Ledger's performance, specific scenes came to mind, certain expressions and body language and interactions he had with other characters. I decided that the best way for me to capture the feel of his and the other actor's performances would be to screencap all of these scenes and draw directly from them. It's something I would normally avoid, but in this case it just seemed to make sense.

Heath Ledger as The Joker - Best Supporting Actor

This meant that I had to actually see the other top movies, (including Vicky Cristina Barcelona, though I didn't end up drawing for it), taking notes of the scenes I felt were most important, then either finding caps online or making my own. After I collected all the caps I printed them out and made line drawings from them with the aid of my mini light table. This made getting proportions down a lot easier and faster than otherwise but it didn't help much in the areas of likeness and line width which is why some places are kind of wonky. Overall I think I did a pretty good job, though. I did a lot of drawings.

Sean Penn as Harvey Milk - Best Actor

After I did as many drawings for each character as I could, I scanned them all in and aligned them all in Photoshop. This was the fastest part. It took about 16 hours straight through - unfortunately all the night before it was due. The pieces I'm showing you now have been edited somewhat since I had them printed and presented them in class.

Kate Winslet as Hanna Schmitz - Best Actress

All of the drawings were done with "magic" marker, a mixture of crayola, rose-art, random off-brands and some skinny felt tips from the school store. Nothing fancy.

Thanks for looking! I plan on showing you guys some of what I've been working on this summer, soon. Otherwise I've been keeping busy, working 3 days a week in the Student Activities Office at MICA, Going to physical therapy for some neck and upper back problems I've been having 2 days a week, reading a bit in my spare time and watching a loooot of movies and History channel documentaries in an ongoing effort to empty my DVR. I guess I might actually do it some day if I stopped scheduling new recordings...but there's just so much wonderful stuff to watch @.@!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mr. T

Found this while digging around my basement, today: