Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 Eye Mask

Here's one of my projects for Stitch this past semester, a mask very loosely inspired by The Grimm Brothers fairy tale, "One Eye, Two Eye, Three Eye."

It didn't end up working very well as a mask but I'm pretty fond of it as an object in general.

ZOMG, GLITTERZZZ O,O !!!!11!!1!1


  1. Hey there! Thanks for posting on my blog! I would reccomend "Blacklisted" by Neko Case. It's her first solo release and it's superb. Great writing.

    Ah, a fellow MICAN. I'm digging the mask! Also reading through your posts it looks like you have Rebecca Bradley as your teacher? I had her my sophomore year and loved her classes!

  2. Love the mask! I'm fairly glad you did not end up adding yarn hair... I think it functions really well without it. XOXO Gossip Jimmy.

  3. HEEHEE I like the sparkly unicorns!

    I want a cool mask, it's awesome!

  4. Sara - replied on your blog.

    Jimmy - Thanks! I agree. I think it would look kind of weird on top of the wearer's hair. But if I were to make it a wall object I might consider it.


    Abby - Thank youuuu <3! I love teh sparklies....

  5. Nice! Love the detailing.

    Also, that final picture made me realize, if our roles in life were dictated solely by the color of our wardrobes, you and I would probably be arch-nemeses. Like, cartoonishly so.

  6. Ha, ha, thanks! I think we would make pretty awesome cartoon arch-nemeses. I really do like the way you dress and use color, though. It's all dark but not just black: There's black and lots of deep reds and purples and some greys. Wearing dark colors tends to make me kind of depressed but I love to see it on other people and in other's work, and I think it looks great on you!