Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back From Italy!!!

Guess What?

I'm back from Italy!

Actually, I've been back for almost a month now. Oops....

I had hoped to update the blog long ago but I was determined that I wouldn't do so until I uploaded all 1200 of my travel photos which, using my ancient desktop, took me about three weeks.

No exaggerating.

This past week has been pretty busy what with my job and my thesis proposal and getting ready for classes and two art shows next week and having my Aunt Mar and Aunt Rita in town (very nice to see them!)...but now here I am! The following photos are just a bit of a teaser. You can peruse the whole 1200 of them here at my Flickr account. I don't really expect anyone to look through them all but if you do I've gone through and added titles and comments to almost all of them, with the occasional anecdote thrown in. It should be a fun time. Also, I had to pay 20 bucks to get a Pro Flickr account so that I could use (much) more than the 100 megabytes allotted per month for free users so...yeah, I'd appreciate it if you took a gander if only for my peace of mind.

Alright. Here are some photos!

As you can see I had a really amazing time in Italy! It was definitely a life-altering experience. I'm planning on posting all of my artwork here on the blog very soon but if you would like to see it in person please come see it at MICA on the 2nd floor of the Fox Building between August 30 and Sept 7. The reception is Thursday Sept 2nd from 5-7 PM. Please come!

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