Monday, February 21, 2011

Janna and the World of Wonderful Shoes

Janna and the World of Wonderful Shoes

My second Maps assignment was to make an entry to submit to Adam Hayes Make Maps blog. For the project artists have to respond to the task of making a map of somewhere that they feel they belong. Here is the description I submitted along with my piece:

It is hard for me to be sure at this time in my life where I belong geographically and/or emotionally, but one thing I can be certain of is the fact that I belong in wonderful shoes! With an 11 wide shoe size, thick calves, a tiny budget, and a penchant for the bright and unusually obnoxious, I have a lot of difficulty finding agreeable footwear. Everything is either too tight or too loose or too boring or too sporty! In my dreams, however, I walk in forests of De Stijl flats, breakfast-themed high tops, and kitten heels (adorned with actual kittens!) and every shoe fits me better than Cinderella’s glass slipper.

[All of the shoes included in this piece are based on real shoes from various designers who are not me. You can see the real ones here, in a collection I’ve compiled on the fashion site Polyvore]

Chartreuse Shoes

Hopefully Adam will like my piece enough to put it up on the blog! I suppose I should hear back in a few days. At any rate, it was a fun project and I'm happy with the way it turned out!

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