Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How I Broke My Ankle

How I Broke My Ankle by greenwhimsy

This is the cover to the book I've been working on this semester! It's the true story of how I was flattened by a tombstone outside of a tropical pet store when I was six. It involves a stranger with a car full of balloons, Catholic school uniforms, and a kid with a question mark for a face.

Some spreads from this project will be up soon! I've got only one week of school left (perhaps my last week of school EVER), then I'll be hanging my commencement show. Things are pretty crazy now but it's all starting to come together!


  1. I'm glad you're finally doing this! Is this an entire book? It's a pretty snazy cover if I do say so myself. Looking foreword to seeing the rest of it :) Whens your commencement show? I may be in Bmore.

  2. Thanks, Maggie! It's a 40 page picture book but most of it is just a mock-up - only about five of the spreads are finished.

    My commencement show is May 12-16. It would be super sweet if you could make it!!!