Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Several Things

Hey guys! Here's some stuff I've been wanting to show you. First off, I did this painting of the Cheshire Cat in mid-disappearance for The Wishbone Society, the book club and art blog I started with some friends this past summer.

 Cheshire Cat

I also did this little piece based on the song "Bust a Move" by Young MC, for Ten Paces and Draw.

Bust a Move

This map of my favorite hang-outs in Baltimore is featured on They Draw and Travel!

Favorite Baltimore Hang-Outs

I finally found the copy of CMYK I'm in on a newsstand! That's my Sean Penn as Milk piece on the top right corner of the magazine!

Me in CMYK Magazine

A little while back I was asked by author and inspirational speaker Mischa Toland of Greatness Now to paint one of her quotes on a wall in her business' new space. I don't normally paint detailed lettering ten feet off the ground. Oh me achin' feet afterward from standing on that ladder so long! It was really fun seeing my work up so high, though, and I really think it does a good job of complimenting Mischa's books.

Greatness Lettering 1

If you're in the area of Antique Row here in Baltimore definitely stop by and say hi to Mischa, James, and Ranell for me! They're some of the nicest, warmest people you'll ever meet!

Greatness Lettering 2

Last but not least, I currently have a show hanging in Baltimore's premier pizza place, Joe Squared! If you want to have some of the best pizza of your life (oh man, they've got this amazing one with barbeque chicken and corn and avacado...mmmmm....) and BUY SOME OF MY ARTWORK, get down to Joe Squared, at the corner of Howard St. and North Avenue! I think the show will be up through mid-March but I'm not sure of the exact date, so get down there soon!

Joe Squared 1

Joe Squared 2

Joe Squared 3


  1. I absolutely love your Baltimore map! I also love the Cheshire cat one! The color pallet in the is so fun!

  2. Your Cheshire cat painting is awesome! I love the colorful eyes. The piece below it is great as well! Your artwork is so fun and vibrant! :)

  3. Congratulations Janna! This all looks wonderful! I especially love the lettering you did for Antique Row. It came out beautifully :)