Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stitch Witchery

I've been experimenting a bit this past year with incorporating fibers materials and techniques into my illustration work. I love the texture of fabric, the feelings it invokes, and its plethora of patterns. However, there are a few downsides to working this way: the process can be very time consuming, the mixture of textures can be overwhelming, and making alterations can be very difficult. Conveniently for me, the wonderful Caroline Hwang will be teaching an Illustration course, "Studio Remix: Stitch," at MICA this Fall, and I'm currently enrolled! I first saw her illustrations years ago and I'm sure she's been a part of what has inspired me to use alternative materials in my work, so its pretty amazing to know I'll be taking a class with her. Hopefully in class we'll talk about ways to bypass some of the obstacles I've encountered.
Anyway, here's some more of what I've done!

Portrait of J. K. Rowling

Illustration for a six word story: "Foolish Humans: should have escaped Earth!"

Works for a version of Jekyll and Hyde I created, featuring a virginal 14-year-old girl in Santa Fe in the 1890s who transforms into a wicked young man, wishing to gain power over her oppressive uncle (a mission priest).

The Transformation

Nighttime in Santa Fe


  1. i remember the first piece cause you made it in my illustration class! :D
    i haven't seen the other ones but they are amazing!

  2. Thank you! You're so sweet ^__^!