Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's All Connected

Yes! I am finally done with this monster project!
For the past three weeks or so all of the Illustration Concepts classes have been working on posters or TV spots for the an outside client, the Baltimore Office of Sustainability. The top five pieces will be printed huge and go up in Batltimore metro stations. I kept the size in mind while I worked on mine so I made it very detailed. The piece was created by making lots of little acrylic paintings and then scanning them into Photoshop and collaging them digitally. This probably wasn't the best technique considering how many layers I had to make and how big the file had to be (it was 4 gigabites before I flattened it!) but I think it all worked out in the end.

I mainly like the final product but it's kind of hard to tell, I've been working it for so long.

Here are some of the contributing paintings that I like well enough to show on their own:
I'm particularly fond of the Oriole. I actually think I saw one today while I was walking around campus. I tried to get closer but of course he flew away.


  1. These are so pretty! I really like the oriole, too.

  2. hey janna,i just went through all your posts (sounds creepy huh? :( ) i LOVE your artwork!! id seen you around campus but being busy the way mica keeps us on the grind, never got past just seeing u.. hope u don tmind me following ur art progress and hope we can meet sometime to talk about art and stuff :) feel free to look at mine! (altho my website is a work in progress:P)