Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fashion Illustration

Hi guys! I'm back with my most recent Concepts work. The assignment was a sort of Secret Santa thing that included Rebecca giving us all a sheet with all our classmates' names on it and us having to come up with an especially tailored assignment for each person. Then Rebecca put them all in seperate bags for each of us and we got to pick two from the bag, then decide on one of them to work on. I chose "fashion illustrations for a teen girls magazine for 3 current trends," an option which was written by my friend Julianna. She had noticed my Polyvore blog post from over the summer and thought it would be good for me. I'm happy she did because I've been wanting to try fashion illustration for a long time. When I was in middle school I used to keep these books of drawings of girls in various outfits. Some of the clothes were based on real items, others I made up. Looking back they're pretty stiff and naive looking but I was really passionate about them at the time. That all stopped when I went to high school, though, and I haven't thought much about them in some time, until now.

I opted not to make the trends for each piece really obvious but I did try to make each girl have her own personality and style. Most of the clothing and accessories are based on real items though I have made some alterations, most notably changing the owl bag in the second piece into a top. I used Polyvore to find the clothing (most of which was already in my Polyvore closet) and figure out which pieces I would put together. Below I've embedded Polyvore sets I've made with my finished illustrations so that you can see the original items and possibly even buy them if you wish!


Asian Island Punky Schoolgirl

Items in this set:
Michael Kors sweater, $695
Lola and James blouse, $120 skirt, 18 GBP clothing, $12 tights, $28

And here's just one more Polyvore set. It doesn't include any of my illustrations but it's certainly seasonally appropriate:

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!


  1. I said this to you today, but it's worth repeating. I love these fashion illustrations! The way you incorporate pattern is fabulous.