Monday, January 24, 2011

Aminal Peoples

Yay! I just bought acrylic gouache! It's so much fun! To celebrate I made some little creatures to put in my Maps sketchbook.


Birdie Boy and Fox Girl

Lagoon Creature

Also, Julianna wanted me to post some silly portraits I did of her and Kathleen. I think I really captured their essence.




  1. The green guy is my favorite! The dry brushing with the acrylic gouache looks really good.

  2. hey Janna - you have some really cool art work. i'd love to use one of your images for a poster design for a play i wrote about Baltimore. may i have your permission to use it?

    i sent you a message on facebook, too , so you can reply to that.

    let me know as soon as possible as we have to make final design decisions in the morning (going to print) We have three or four other designs but yours is our favorite!

    thanks so much!

    Jason Odell Williams