Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bird Barrettes

I can't believe it's already time for me to go back to school! Classes start Tuesday and I can't exactly say I'm looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to seeing friends again and starting some new classes and even - gulp! - starting a new thesis. The problem is that I know that as soon as the semester starts it's going to be one crazy, obstacle-ridden, downhill race to the end. And when I get to the end where will I be?

In need of a job! And out of school, most likely forever!

These are scary prospects.
Ah well. At least I'm not the only one...right? Right??

Sadly, I haven't been incredibly productive this break. I've had many distractions, some for which I'm sure you'd pardon me, others for which I'm sure you would not. One thing I have managed to work on, though, is producing more Bird Barrettes, a product I quickly put together for MICA's annual Art Market this past December. Since it was around finals time I only got around to making six, but all six sold! Here's a photo of them in my studio:


Thanks so much to the people who bought them!

When I made these first six I also made little placards to hold each bird along with some ridiculous commentary. They looked like this:


Making the placards was fun and I think I might do something similar for the batch of 25 birds I'm working on now. However, when I do the next ones I'll probably come up with maybe 5 designs and then print them in multiples rather than design a new card for every bird.

At the Art Market I also sold large prints of my first Secret Garden piece (big thanks to those of you who purchased them!!!). I didn't have the means to get business cards printed before the event so I put together some handmade ones to go with each print. I think they turned out kind of cute so I thought I'd share them, too!


Thanks for reading! If you're interested in purchasing one (or a dozen!) of my Bird Barrettes please come to:

MICA's Raw Art Sale
In the BBOX
Sunday, February 13th

Monday, February 14th

Remember, a Bird Barrette makes an excellent Valentine's Day gift!

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