Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maps Sketchbook Stuff

Ugh! Only two day left of my college career!!! Everything's coming together at a crazy rate! Here are a couple of little sketchbook things for my Maps class.

Wrought Iron Scale

This one's a scale for an imaginary map that would either be of New Orleans or a fancy English garden or something.

Elijah Wood Flow Chart

And this is a flow chart type thing showing the four degrees that connect me to my teenage crush, Elijah Wood. I was very excited when I was about fourteen and first figured this out!


  1. I never doubted you would one day make a connection between you and Elija Wood and then make it into art :D I like yo colors, you made Cal Ripken Jr. look like Frankenstein's monster...with laser eyes.

  2. Yay! Thanks Jordan!!

    Lol, Maggie, I know! Cal ended up looking cheerfully demented.